How Sourcing Agents Provide you Competitive Edge

China has become a business and manufacturing hub over the years. Choosing to source products from China can be a practical choice. Whether you are a first-timer or a frequent importer, hiring a product sourcing agent in China can be a good investment for your business.

Why should I use a China sourcing agent?

An excellent Chinese sourcing agent acts as a trusted middleman who is ready to invest his time and effort to ensure you access reliable Chinese suppliers so that you get the correct products at a reasonable price. Your lack of knowledge of the local industries and suppliers can potentially lead you to con artists eager to part you with your hard-earned money. There are high chances of deceiving scamsters who pretend to be reliable suppliers. In such case, a Chinese sourcing agent proves valuable as they are aware of trustworthy and dependable suppliers.

sourcing agent in China

Sourcing agents spot lowest price products for you-

The traders in China may be competitive in pricing their products; a sourcing agent knows how to spot the lowest price for the highest quality products. When it comes to quality control there’s nothing better than having a good sourcing company. It will not only help you find and final the supplier but it will also visit the manufacturing facility. That’s not all agent will keep an eye on all the stages of manufacturing process to save time and cost and final inspection is also their duty when the consignment is ready for shipment.

Better control over the production

As a buyer, you can have superior control of the production, delivery and post-sale service. The souring agents can make certain that all the follow-up information they acquire is true and valid. Inexperienced importers fall victim of the deception and select the cheapest price. They have no idea that this move is going to cost them dearly at the latter stages. Most of the time foreign importers are lured with amazing product images and unrealistic assurances by the manufacturers and the importers went on to make the deposit without visiting the factory. Foreign business owners need to be cautious of the manufacturers that quote the lowest price.

Don’t ever agree to a verbal agreement. Before entering into a transaction with a Chinese sourcing agent, make sure there’s a written contract. This is your best bet if in case litigation will be an option down the road in the outsourcing of manufacturing products.

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