Package Branding: Barcode Sticker


We will wrap the products into one package with a plastic bag as per your instruction, print your barcode sticker and then place the barcode sticker onto the package.

The cost includes the cost of the sticker and the plastic bag, and the extra processing and shipping cost.

Note: if you want to place barcode sticker(s) on any products inside a package (instead of placing the logo sticker on the surface of the whole package), please use the branding options associated with the product on which you want to place the barcode sticker in its Product Details page.

  • Tell us how to obtain the barcode for printing


    We will decide what to be shown on the sticker for you, usually being an abbreviation of the product name and an SKU# of the product.

    You may upload your own barcode design below. You may upload image or PDF file only. The size of the printed hard copy of the sticker will not be bigger than 50x30mm.

    Upload the file to print your barcode sticker.