Beware of the Chinese Manufacturers that Quote The Lowest Price

The lowest price concept in China is considered to be a huge red flag. According to the professional Chinese sourcing agents, there is a list of valid reasons behind the cheap prices relative to other quotes. Take a look at the influential points:

  • The Chinese supplier is clumsy and nonchalant and committed a mistake. It happens quite often and it can be hugely frustrating for the foreign business owners.
  • Sometimes it is the Chinese factories that try to lure the foreign importers with an initial low price with the intention of increasing the price later by adding up material changes and packaging requirements according to the standard they have wanted.
  • The product manufacturing factory has failed to understand your requirements properly and offer a lower quote.
  • The manufacturing company is deceiving you completely and at the end of the day will give you a different product compared to the samples provided.

Inexperienced importers fall victim of the deception and select the cheapest price. They have no idea that this move is going to cost them dearly at the latter stages. Most of the time foreign importers are lured with amazing product images and unrealistic assurances by the manufacturers and the importers went on to make the deposit without visiting the factory. They don’t even question the price as they are driven by the idea that everything that comes from China is decent quality and everything is cheap. China import experts always suggest to question yourself how could anyone offer them quality products at a price that is too good to be true.

Why is The Lowest Price considered a problem in China sourcing?

  • Most of the time lowest price signifies an unqualified manufacturer without having the necessary infrastructure, trained staff, professional management and quality control.
  • Non-permanent workforce that often gets replaced by unskilled individuals to finish off the manufacturing project. The equipment is substandard to produce the quality desired. Premium equipment is normally only found in the larger more established factories.
  • They are not willing to establish a long-term relationship and mostly focus on making quick money by supplying low-quality product to their clients. Lack of professionalism is perhaps the biggest drawback of the manufacturers that quote the lowest price.

Frugality, like productivity, isn’t just about being thrifty and saving tons of money—it’s about spending wisely on the right things. So, don’t get deceived by the tag “ The Lowest Price” in China.

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