Aligning Made in China 2025 Plan With China Sourcing

For decades consumers bought products made in China and branded in the West. China accounts for half of Asia’s output today. China has been a source of affordable consumer products, both electrical and electronic, since the late nineties. Made in China 2025 is an ambitious plan of the Chinese government to decrease China’s dependence on foreign technology and promote Chinese high-tech manufacturers in the global marketplace. It is expected that the sourcing product from China will become even more convenient once the plan is fully materialized.

made in china 2025 supchina

Priority Sectors Identified in the Made in China 2025 Plan

  • Next-generation information technology (IT)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Electric cars and other new energy vehicles
  • Advanced robotics
  • Telecommunications
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Aerospace and aeronautical equipment
  • Maritime equipment and high-tech shipping
  • Modern rail equipment

According to the China has repeatedly stated that it intends to become a significant player in international standards organizations and has made efforts to increase its profile in the international standards development organizations. Recently, these efforts have included hosting the 83rd International Electrotechnical Commission to be held in October 2019 and encouraging standards cooperation and harmonization efforts in neighboring countries.

Paradigm Shift in China Sourcing with Made in China 2025 Plan

It is quite evident that Made in China 2025 plan is a revolutionary idea that will create enormous China sourcing possibilities. If you are in a new business, a key component of successful sourcing would be to find good suppliers in China. Online is the best way to locate suppliers such as manufacturers and wholesalers. Attending industry events and exhibitions is another good way to find suppliers and examine their products and services.

Following a strategic approach to choosing China suppliers can also help you to understand how your own potential customers weigh up their purchasing decisions. The most effective suppliers are those who offer products or services that match – or exceed – the needs of your business. Even the most reliable supplier can occasionally slip up. Make sure they have a direct contact point at your company and conduct regular performance reviews.

Verifying a supplier’s production capabilities is harder than simply talking to supplier representative you found off Alibaba. A quality supplier should be able to consistently manufacture a product that meets your requirements.

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