Why should I update my account details?

When you sign up, the only required information is user name, E-mail and password. However, to ensure seamless order processing and compliance with banking regulations, it’s crucial for you to provide more account details and keep your account details current. This includes providing essential company information, including but not limited to your official website, registration or tax number, and proof of ownership. This is especially important for new payers, as banks periodically conduct due diligence and reviews for transactions to prevent illegal activities like money laundering.
By providing details such as company contracts, invoices, and communication related to orders, you facilitate a quicker bank review process, thereby minimizing payment delays and associated complications.
Moreover, updating your contact information, including instant messenger, and social media IDs, ensures uninterrupted communication, safeguarding against potential email issues. Your proactive cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated and essential for smooth business operations.
Last Update: 2024-01-30
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