How much shall I pay if I want to pay in a non-USD currency?

Here’s how you know how much you should pay if you want to pay in a non-USD currency:

Getting the corresponding non-USD amount automatically

If you want to pay in a non-USD currency, you may select a different currency in the currency selection box on the header menu, in which case the amount of the selected currency corresponding to the USD amount based on real-time exchange rate will show up for your reference. Therefore, if you have put products in Cart and selected a non-USD currency, you will see the total amount in that currency on the Cart page. However, please note that sometimes when you go forward to the Checkout page, the amount & currency may return back to the corresponding amount in USD. In such case, you may make the payment in the amount of the corresponding non-USD currency selected by you as shown on the previous Cart page, provided you have not added any extra amount in the Checkout page, e.g. insurance. If you have added extra amount in the Checkout page, you may refer to the below to see how to calculate the amount by yourself.

Calculating the non-USD amount manually

  1. Of course, you may calculate the non-USD amount by yourself using the currency exchange tool provided by us. For example, you want to pay in EUR in the amount equaling USD100.00. In this case, you may put a product of any amount in cart, e.g. a product priced at USD10.00; then, you select EUR in the currency selection box to see the corresponding price in EUR. Let’s say you see EUR9.68 in the above case, which means, according to the current currency exchange rate (plus any applicable exchange fee), USD10.00 equals EUR9.68. Therefore, if you want to pay USD100.00 in EUR, you will need to pay EUR96.80 (=100*9.68/10.00). Similarly, if you put a USD22.00 product in Cart and if you see the corresponding price in EUR being 21.10; then, if you want to pay USD100.00 in EUR, you should pay EUR95.91 (=100*21.10/22.00).
  2. Please note that due to the fluctuation of exchange rate of currencies, the actual amount in USD to be credited to your account after your payment will be based on the real-time exchange rate of the date when your payment in the non-EUR is actually received. Therefore, the USD amount actually received by your account might be slightly different from the USD amount you saw when you made the payment.
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