Why Sea Freight is the Best Mode of Importing Goods from China

Choosing the best delivery option while sourcing products from China is a tough call to make. As an importer, you want the delivery of your cargo on time, seamless, safe with the nominal freight cost. It is the transport cost that has a huge impact on the overall bottom line of your investment.

The Economical Aspects of Sea Freight Shipping From China

  • Ocean freight is the most common mode of transport that importers and exporters use. In fact, a full 90% of everything is shipped by ocean freight and sea freight. The other international freight transport modes (courier, standard air freight, express air freight) are all faster, but they are also more expensive. Sea freight is the most efficient mode of transport for goods.
  • In one year, a single large containership might carry over 200,000 container loads of cargo. While individual ships vary in size and carrying capacity, many container ships can transport up to 8,000 containers of goods and products on a single voyage.
  • All this is amplified by the dominant paradigm in shipping: economies of scale. Bigger ships to save costs for shipping companies, and bigger costs for other transport actors to accommodate these ships.
  • Sea freight services offer much more flexibility in terms of space, dimensions and weight with vessels that can ship almost any size and weight of goods.


China Export Clearance

The products you are sourcing from China must be cleared for exports by the Chinese Customs Authorities, the ‘Hai Guan’. All export clearance documents and procedures are included in the FOB price. Importers are wise to avoid hassle and simply stick to FOB transactions.

China Sea Freight Options

China sea freight is available mainly in three categories

  • Full Container Load FCL
  • Less Than Container Load LCL
  • Conventional Loads / Breakbulk

Getting your Items Through Customs

Appoint a customs broker. Locating and hiring a licensed customs broker can make your importation process much easier. This professional facilitates communication between you and the government, fills out and files necessary paperwork, and can help you navigate import regulations. They can also help estimate import costs and how long the import process will take.


Sea freight shipping is an option that offers shippers transportation services at an economical price point. Sea transport is the transportation option that allows the shipping of the greatest quantity of materials due to its large storage capacity. Exporters transporting high-value goods can have an easy time now, with the latest technology being incorporated in sea freight services too.

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