Why Quality Control is Essential for China Made Products

Since 2009, China has ranked as the world’s leading exporters of goods. The country took over from the U.S in 2013 as the largest trading nation in the world. There are a huge number of manufacturing industries that produce high-demand products and materials for sourcing to other countries. The most prominent amongst the finished products exported from China are electrical goods, furniture, clothing and other textiles, and optical and medical equipment. The country’s growth has expanded consistently.

Importance of Quality Check for Made in China Products

Globally, “made in China” is no longer always synonymous with poor quality, but effective quality control mechanism remains a priority for any business willing to source products from China. The present day consumer market is characterized by growing sophistication.

  • Customers trust standard products

Since standards have become a symbol for products and service quality, the customers are now keen on buying their product or the service from a certified manufacturer or a service provider. The US and European consumers are particularly very careful about the quality of the product they are buying. Therefore, complying with standards such as ISO (International Standards Organization) has become a necessity when it comes to attracting customers. As an importer of the wholesale products from China, you need to make sure the goods and items meet all the necessary standards.

  • Quality control measures reduce manufacturing cost

Quality control ensures maximum utilization of available resources thereby minimizing wastage and inefficiency of every kind. By conducting thorough inspection and control over your China manufacturing process, manufacturing costs are considerably reduced. Quality control further checks the production of inferior products and wastages thereby bringing down the cost of production considerably.

Maintaining the US & European Compliance


The standard of compliance in the US and Europe is quite high. Any type of goods imported to these countries goes through a rigorous quality check process. So it becomes really important to maintain all the necessary compliance and standards at the time of manufacturing your products in China. Effective quality control from the very beginning will help you a lot to avoid unnecessary compliance issues and bottlenecks.

China’s reputation as a manufacturing hub that churns out low-grade, cheap products is a fact. A maximum number of i-Phones are manufactured in China, and there is no quality issue. The reason is, from the beginning of the production process, Apple has maintained a top-notch quality control procedure. You can also be sure to get your China made product loved by the consumers if you follow the footsteps of Apple. Quality inspections are a crucial step of the China manufacturing process.

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