The Answers That Never Been Genuine From A Chinese Suppliers – 3rd One Is Really Surprising

The internet world is flooded with the information on what sort of questions you should ask when you are dealing with the Chinese suppliers wholesale. If you are doing business with the trusted suppliers, they will give answers of all your questions in order to get the order from you and most of them are genuine. The term “most of them are genuine” is really important over here because your Chinese supplier will never answer correctly of the following 3 questions.

question and answer

Question 1- Who are your current clients?

Your wholesale Chinese suppliers will never reveal any identity of their clients. Quite obvious, no business will disclose the name of their current clients. Their website is full of the name of their previous clients but not the current clients they are genuinely working with. To be very honest, it is really difficult to get the information out. Instead of asking this question, you can ask the following questions-


  • Do you have other company names aside from your company name in Alibaba? (In case you’re thinking of cross checking company facts online)


  • When was your company established? (Try to find a seasoned company that has more than 10 years’ experience. This will assure you that they’re experienced in dealing with different customers)


  • What’s the complete address of your company/factory? (This is important for buyers whom are planning to seek third party inspection services)


  • Are you a trading company or a manufacturer? (Trading companies are mostly middle men while manufacturers own the factories, hence lower prices)


Question 2- Source from where you get the raw materials for manufacturing products?

 You might think it is a very simple question and there is no other intention behind asking this question. Do keep in mind that Chinese people see the Westerners with a skeptic attitude. They might feel the real intention behind it is, you will directly contact the material supplier, purchase and manufacture them from another party that has given you a favorable quote. So, ask the questions of which you have a good possibility of getting a genuine answer such as-

  • “You quoted 20 days for the delivery time; 20 days is from when to when?”


  • Tell me specifically about your factory’s internal quality control system?


  • Can I send in my QC team to evaluate your factory?


  • What are your payment terms? Do you pay an initial deposit? When is the final payment made?


Question 3- Is the factory profitable and what are the sales record?

If you have already asked this question and got a detailed answer from your wholesale Chinese supplier, we can say quite confidently you are provided with a misleading answer. The norm in China is never to disclose your exact financial records especially to the foreigners. Even the Chinese supplying firm that is formed yesterday will say we have a healthy sales record and the company is profitable so that you can’t doubt their capability of handling your order. So instead of asking this question of which answer you never get correctly, ask the following questions-


  • What is your main product line?
  • What does the management system look like?
  • Who takes the final decision?
  • Who would be the point person for my orders?


Final Thoughts-

While sourcing products from the Chinese suppliers wholesale, try to ask questions that are relevant and you can check the facts by yourself without much difficulty.

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