Tailor-Made China Sourcing Tips for the U.S. & European Businesses

At the time of sourcing items from China, finding the right supplier is the single most vital element. Businesses need to understand what they need and what is available. Hiring a qualified Chinese supplier is a good idea to hit the ground running. In a highly competitive global economy, wholesale suppliers from China provide foreign businesses some very unique opportunities.


Use B2B Marketing Platforms

There are marketing platforms available that will allow most any company in any location connect with suppliers on an immediate basis, just check out the Internet. Never order large quantity. Many buyers reported on B2B site that they always expect 10% of the goods they order is not suitable for sale, they know that you will never return to them faulty products because it will cost you more. And they know also you will never come back again.

Sign Purchase Contract First

Most conditions in the purchase agreement are designed to protect the buyer. Sign purchase contract with your supplier with every detail and picture of the product is listed. Do not depend on product model as reference to the product you are ordering. Product description is very important. A carefully written purchase agreement can help the sale proceed smoothly.

Make Sure you Get Authentic and Original Product

Most wholesalers in China are especially keen to establish business relationships with bulk buyers from the US and other countries. They treat them as a guaranteed source of regular income from a customer who will order in large quantities. It is quite likely that they will not lose the client at any cost. The most positive aspect of this practice is that companies can have the peace of mind that they will only get original and authentic product from the wholesale suppliers. The end result is both parties get benefited by this. Alibaba and AliExpress are the two most renowned B2B sites from where you can buy Chinese items. If you wish to buy things in bulk, Alibaba is can be an ideal option for you.

Whether it is a start-up or an established company, China holds enormous business possibilities for everyone. You just need to select a reliable Chinese sourcing agent to boost your business. It is a good approach for the American companies to form a long term relationship with the Chinese counterparts by meeting them in person. It is especially helpful if you are willing to work with them for developing a custom product. Arranging a face to face meeting with them will certainly solidify the business relationship.

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