Sourcing Textiles Products from China


China is the world’s largest and biggest textile cloth manufacturers and exporter. Textile firms over designated size generated combined operating revenue of 4.03 trillion yuan. The industry’s success can be attributed to high productivity, an emphasis on training and the development of skills, investment in modern manufacturing machinery, a loyal workforce, and an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit.

After decades of reform, China’s textile industry has become a key player on a global scale, being one of the country’s first markets to open up. In 2018, China’s chemical fiber production exceeded 50 million tons, making up over two-thirds of global production. Textile exports from China reached 37.6% of the world’s total in 2018, a 3.5% increase from the previous year, while apparel exports accounted for 31.3% of the world’s total.


Every year, billions of dollar textile products overseas companies import through sourcing agents in China. Here is a list of popular textile products you can think of sourcing from China-

  • Cotton and yarn
  • Raw cotton
  • Knitted and woven
  • Cotton yarn and thread
  • Cotton fabric
  • Man-made fibers
  • Bast Fiber
  • Denim Fabric
  • Velvet Fabric
  • Wool Fabrics
  • Silk Fabrics

China is the fabric raw material manufacturer hubs of the world. And Guangzhou is the biggest textile products wholesale export center in China. In Guangzhou, fabric wholesale market, you can easily be sourcing and find any designs of textile products. Or find the best sellers who are wholesalers or manufacturers for textile products and accessories.

Essentially, China boasts clusters of efficient wholesale clothing suppliers that other countries will struggle to replicate, and its firms are adopting automated production methods; it’s one of the leading importers of robots used for such automation. Exporters from all over the world are buying textile products from professional Chinese wholesale suppliers.

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