How to Overcome Quality Issues with the China Products

Chinese goods exist because selling them is more profitable than locally manufactured goods. Made in China 2025 is described as an “initiative to comprehensively upgrade Chinese industry.” As China makes increasingly more complex products, their ability to engage and get away with quality fade increases as well. The problem with most of the China suppliers is they seem to always be more caught up in profit than quality.

It is a nightmare for the business owners to get faulty and sub-standard products from Chinese suppliers. There are many quality issues China products might have such as:

  • Products with shoddy finishing
  • Low-grade packaging
  • The dimensions are out of the acceptable specifications
  • Products made of poor quality material
  • Wrong quantity
  • Damaged products

Quality issues are when you run into problems with the standard to which your goods are manufactured to. This can be dangerous – and it can be expensive. There are many effective steps business owners can follow to avoid quality issues with the China products.

Avoid Miscommunication at any cost

Miscommunication is the biggest factor for most quality issues. Do not believe that your supplier understands your specifications and your expectations clearly after they’ve been told once. The initial production sample is fine, but with each successive production run, a bit more of the necessary inputs are missing. It is better to avoid miscommunication at any cost to streamline the delivery of the finished product.

Work with a Trusted China Supplier

The basic problems of quality issues arise when foreign businesses work with a bad supplier. Do keep in mind that Chinese manufacturers are capable of producing from absolutely third-class to the finest quality products. It is the cleverness of the China supplier that plays a major role in determining the quality of the product. A long-term relationship with a supplier always increases the chances of a resolution. But for the businesses that are new to China procurement forming a good relationship with a supplier can be difficult. That is the reason, your very first attempt would be to appoint a trusted China supplier.

Chinese suppliers

Third-Party Testing is a Fail-Safe Move

Third-party testing is a handy strategy to deal with the quality issues. Prior to the shipment, ask your China supplier to randomly pick a product and send it to a reputable and international testing laboratory, which then checks to make sure the product is safe. It is noted that, third-party testing is the fail-safe strategy that is being taken by the maximum number of foreign companies.

China’s manufacturing sector has matured significantly over the years. Chinese manufacturers are far more likely to give you better service from the outset as a small startup than domestic manufacturers. It is better to have reasonable expectations and not focus on price as the sole factor guiding all your China sourcing decisions.

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