New Strategy in 2021 to Source Chinese Wholesale Products

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In earlier times it was difficult to source products because people had to travel to the nation for sourcing wholesale items and if it meant Asia, then it would be 10 times more difficult than the actual situation is. The product or trade fairs would be the best place to meet Chinese wholesale suppliers and find out about their process of selling items to business entities overseas.


Be very clear about the things you wish to buy from China

The usual process would be to visit a wholesaler, get the business card and ask to display samples before placing an order. For example, The Canton Fair in China is a huge presence in the market which is attended by thousands of suppliers and buyers from all over the world. Be very clear about the things you wish to buy and talk about those from day one.

Be clear about what you want

Direct all your queries towards those Chinese wholesale items. Also, when you are communicating through emails ensure that you customize each template according to your query. Chances are that if you are not clear about what you want, you will end up with inferior quality products.


Trust your instinct

When you talk to a Chinese vendor regarding sample sourcing he may appear too amiable in the beginning. But that might be the effect of cultural differences. However, if you are feeling really eerie about a particular behavior, trust your instinct on that. There is probably something seriously wrong about the dealer.


Check compliance issues

Products manufactured for domestic Chinese market sometimes face compliance issues with overseas market. Some of the regulations are restrictions on heavy metals and chemicals, technical standards and safety standards. China has different set of regulations for exporting products which do not correspond with other countries. Wholesale is not an option for kitchen utensils, watches and jewelry, electronics, machinery, toys and children’s products.


Simply sourcing products or contacting product sourcing agents in China will not give you business. To sell products on an international platform you must know the process to put up your products there and sell it. Set your lowest minimum price before listing the item to sell. A low price usually gets more bids during the first few days. Established sellers follow this tip to sell more products and in fact new products.


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