Focussing on the Core Aspects of Dealing With the Chinese Wholesale Suppliers

In China, wholesalers can be defined as the middlemen. They purchase goods and items direct from the producers and sell the items to the foreign retailers. The Chinese wholesale sector has changed a lot as more and more opportunities are coming up every day.

From consumer electronics to apparel, from plastics to toys – companies can get their products for 25 to 50 percent less than the cost of comparable goods made in developed countries. Foreign retailers can procure goods directly from the Chinese wholesale suppliers and make enormous profit by selling the products in their home market. Compile a list of incumbent wholesale Chinese suppliers and potential alternative suppliers. Ideally, these are “best in class” suppliers within the market who you know have a good quality and service reputation. If you are unsure which Chinese suppliers are potential best fits, we suggest to go for a survey and/or meeting with each to review all critical requirements.

Find Reliable Wholesale Suppliers in China Trade Shows

To find a trustworthy and legitimate supplier, trade shows can prove really handy. Trade shows enable a business owner to meet the suppliers face to face and discuss all the important issues regarding their price structure, various products, quality control measures and production capacity. Here is a list of mega trade shows held in China-

The Canton Fair: Held twice in a year, The Canton Fair is one of the biggest trade shows held in China. Thousands of manufacturers come up with their wide range of products in this fair. A perfect place for finding trustworthy suppliers.

The East China Trade Fair: This fair held in Shanghai once a year. You could find vital information about the Chinese manufacturer suppliers in this fair.

How to Import from China?

Importing goods from China is not at all a challenging task. The entire procedure can be categorized in few simple steps.

  • Identify the products and items you want to import
  • Negotiate with the distributor or manufacturer in a legal way( According to the Chinese import law)
  • Select a freight forwarder to transport your items to the port
  • Find a customs broker to clear the items once they arrive at the destination port

Chinese Wholesale SuppliersThese are the standard process of importing goods from China. Furthermore, there are companies who have entities in the US as well as in China, it suggests that you could get valuable assistance throughout the process of sourcing products from China. Product sourcing agents in China can work towards finding the best possible prices for you with no compromise on quality. In fact, you are guaranteed the highest quality and the best rates throughout the pre-production and the manufacturing process.

Economists all over the world agree on the point that ordering products from the Chinese wholesale suppliers offers fantastic business opportunities for the US-based companies and business owners. But along with the profit comes the fear. The Chinese market is not absolutely flawless and the risk is always there. American entrepreneurs can easily avoid any potential risk while sourcing products from the wholesale suppliers of China by adopting more rational and methodical outlook.

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