Considering of Sourcing Products from China – Learn the Basics

Finding low cost products in China is easy but finding quality products at an affordable price range is challenging. Sourcing agents solve that puzzle and easily identify manufacturing companies that offer standard product without charging high. Agents always try to strike a profitable deal for their clients. The difference of cost between manufacturing domestically and manufacturing in China is significant. Domestic manufacturers have higher overhead with steep training costs and high turnover. China’s affordability makes overseas manufacturing ideal for the common business.

Sourcing Products from China


A national campaign, Made in China 2025, encourages automated processes and intelligent manufacturing. The country is racing full steam ahead to a robot-powered future in a push to not only remake its own economy but also to transform into the world’s robot capital overtaking Japan, Germany and the United States in the process.

Sourcing products from China and then selling them to gain profit through online retailers requires lot of thought into the process. If you do research on this, you will come across ways which if used will help you drive sales. Selling is an art and once you get to know the trick of the trade, you will definitely make profit. Add more SKUs which means add more products to the sell list to sell more and feature in the searches. You need to track Chinese wholesale suppliers to ensure you are getting lower MOQs. With the increase in exposure of your company, you will be able to earn more. People will be interested to know more about your product line which will help grow your business.

Connecting with buyers from around the world is time consuming because you have to reply to emails at odd hours, even at the middle of the night due to the time differences. However, you have to communicate clearly with them so that they do not misunderstand the USP of your products and also you cannot give them any scope to complain regarding your product.

In case, you are selling unique and expensive items through an online e-commerce website, you may not really bother about the number. You will make profit anyway. Selling a few high-priced products can make quick profit and you will not be required to sell a large number of products that you have acquired from suppliers from China. However, it is not easy to conceptualize on the differences between product categories. Keeping track of SKUs or stock keeping unit is not easy. However, you have to remember that one SKU means one product.

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