China Sourcing Agencies Offer Customized Sourcing Services

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Why do purchasers across the world look at suppliers in China for their requirements? One of the primary reasons is low manufacturing costs, which even with the add-ons of shipping charges and duties ends up being cheaper for the purchaser than sourcing from elsewhere in the West. China does still hold some major competitive advantages over its smaller manufacturing counterparts, despite its rising wages.


Dropshipping- You promote your products on social media and e-commerce platforms. When a customer buys these products, a third-party vendor ships them directly to the buyer. You don’t deal with the product (e.g. storage) and logistics. The customer pays you directly and you pay the third-party vendor.


Here is a list of top-selling products you can source from China:


  • Bags & Accessories– If you’re starting new, you can make a considerable amount of profit by sourcing bags and accessories from China. The export value in this segment is expected to reach 44 million USD in 2021.


  • Furniture & Lightning– China-made furniture and lightning items are renowned all across the world.


  • Automobile Parts– China’s Hubei province is a major hub for the production of vehicle parts. You can easily source any types of automobile parts and other items from China and sell them in your home country.


  • Electric Machinery: Each year China exports billions of dollars of electric machinery. China-made electric items have a huge demand.


  • Clothing– largest textile industry in the world with more than 100,000 garment factories.


MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) simply means the minimum amount your retailer has to spend per order to be able to stock your products at their store. For suppliers, larger orders are always better, as the overhead is too expensive for smaller orders. All MOQs vary, depending on the product. High-ticket items that cost more to produce will usually have a lower MOQ than low-ticket items that are easy and cheap to produce.


Sourcing Company in China – Easier, Cost-effective and Safer

There are several China sourcing agencies that assist in offering customized sourcing and supplier verification services. Owing to their dependable network, they can connect with the best suppliers in China and the team will utilize their expertise and experience to make sure that you alleviate associated risks, make the most of the opportunity to source products from China, reduce expenses and secure transactions for a dependable supply chain in China.


It is important to conduct adequate diligence on potential China suppliers. The information provided by a potential supplier on its website and other media channels is a good start, but you need to verify whether a supplier in fact exists and is what it claims to be.


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