Can I get refund if my customer is not satisfied with the products?

CSA is a sourcing agent who helps clients to source products from China. CSA is not the supplier itself and whether you can get refund if your customer is not satisfied with the products depends on the situation.

If the supplier offers a refunds & returns policy, you may get refunds & returns accordingly. Of course, as your sourcing agent, we will try our best to help you negotiate and obtain the best refunds & returns policy as possible as we can.

Based on our more than one decade experience, most suppliers will only offer refund when the defected product is shipped back to him with evidence showing it’s defective in fact. However, the international shipping cost for shipping the products back to the supplier in China plus the international shipping cost for shipping the replacement to your customer will usually be higher than the original cost, which usually makes it unpractical to ship the product back to the supplier in China. In such cases, most of our clients will choose to negotiate/offer a future discount/partial refund/full refund to their customers who receive the unsatisfied products to solve the issue, and bear the loss as business risk.

Considering the above risk, some clients will also buy the Insurance when they place the order to us. If you have bought the Insurance, when there’s a refund request due to defective products, you will get full refund after submitting appropriate evidences which have been verified and approved.


Last Update: 2023-02-23
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