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Sourcing Textiles Products from China

China is the world’s largest and biggest textile cloth manufacturers and exporter. Textile firms over designated size generated combined operating revenue of 4.03 trillion yuan. The industry’s success can be attributed to high productivity, an emphasis on training and the development of skills, investment in modern manufacturing machinery, a loyal …

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Trending Products to Source from China During and Post Covid-19 Pandemic

When you’re thinking of starting a new business especially if it is related to retail and e-commerce, China is the best place to source products for your new venture. You’ll need to brainstorm, research, and select a product(s) to import and sell. Businesses from all across the world rush to …

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How to Overcome Quality Issues with the China Products

Chinese suppliers

Chinese goods exist because selling them is more profitable than locally manufactured goods. Made in China 2025 is described as an “initiative to comprehensively upgrade Chinese industry.” As China makes increasingly more complex products, their ability to engage and get away with quality fade increases as well. The problem with …

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Sourcing From China Is A Long Learning Curve


China made products have become increasingly trendy, as customers demand cheaper price, a wide range of choices and fast delivery. That is the main reason sourcing products from China is the go to strategy for many retailers in the West. This country offers a finely tuned supply chain, with experienced …

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