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Sourcing Textiles Products from China

China is the world’s largest and biggest textile cloth manufacturers and exporter. Textile firms over designated size generated combined operating revenue of 4.03 trillion yuan. The industry’s success can be attributed to high productivity, an emphasis on training and the development of skills, investment in modern manufacturing machinery, a loyal …

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Sourcing Agents in China are the Key Player for your Success

It is a good approach for American companies to form a long-term relationship with the Chinese sourcing agents by meeting them in person. But it is not possible due to the Corona pandemic. So, arranging a virtual meeting via Skype or another medium with them will certainly solidify the business …

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3 Chinese Regions Foreign Importers Must Know

China is the world’s fourth largest country, quite obviously it can be challenging for any foreign business owner who wants to get involved in China sourcing to identify the exact location of a supplier’s city. Having a clear-cut conception of the basic geography of this huge East Asian country will …

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