Are the suppliers reliable?

We understand that using reliable suppliers are one of the most important things for your business. We take all necessary measures to ensure the suppliers to be as reliable as possible.

  • We have a large database (updated from time to time) of all suppliers that we have worked with before, who have been proven to be reliable.
  • Search for new suppliers via reliable online marketplaces, offline local marketplaces, reference from reliable suppliers etc..
  • Adopt high standards when reviewing and screening suppliers, including:
    – checking reviews on the supplier from its clients
    – contacting the supplier in different times of a day to check if the supplier is fast responsive
    – making inquiries with well prepared questions to check if the supplier is professional
  • Check samples/prototypes if necessary
  • Make use of escrow payments method to ensure delivery of the goods to warehouse
  • Product inspection if required
  • Using reliable shipping and delivery companies
  • Any other necessary measures

Please note that despite of all the necessary meassures of screening suppliers, there’s still slight possibility of issues when fulfilling your orders, where we will help our clients and the suppliers to coordinate and resolve the issues as possible as we can.

Last Update: 2023-02-21
Product Sourcing
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