Why is updating account details important?

After signing up as a CSA Member, updating your account details is important, especially when you are placing orders.

As you may know, banks will conduct reviews and due diligence on payments from time to time. As a new payer to us, the bank may require the submission of the below details for review and approval to avoid illegal payments e.g. money laundering: your company details, your official website, with your company name (being the same as the payer) stated to be one of the owners of the website, your company registration number/tax number, contracts/invoices/communications regarding the orders etc. Submitting such information in advance will help us to be able to sumbit them to the bank when required, so that the review and due diligence can be expedited in the maximum extent, to avoid delayed payments and any process thereafter.

In addition, you may also update your other contact details in addition to E-mails, including multiple instantant messenger IDs and/or social media IDs etc. will help us to keep in touch with you in case contacting by E-mail fails.

Last Update: 2023-02-15
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