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Blueprint of Becoming a Sourcing Agent in China

China’s manufacturing industry has put this country on the world’s map. The rapid development of China’s factories and modernization of manufacturing sector has made this country one of the finest places for sourcing various sort of products. Becoming a sourcing agent in China could prove to be a highly-lucrative and promising …

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Reduce the Risk of China Sourcing With Methodical Approach

Businesses from all over the world have realized that manufacturing goods in China at a low cost is no longer implies low-quality product anymore. International establishments have realized that China is an attractive place for manufacturing goods because of its low-cost labor, abundant natural resources, developed manufacturing capabilities, reliable pool …

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3 Most Common Myths Regarding China Sourcing

The stability and certainty that surround the Chinese economy are the biggest reasons why companies from all over the globe source products from here or intending to open up manufacturing unit here. Despite rising labor costs, China has kept a steady increase in both exports and imports. Global companies still …

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