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China Sourcing

Trending China Products to Source & Sell in 2020


Sourcing quality products from this country can be a tedious and complex process. That’s why many companies prefer to take services of a China sourcing company to implement low-cost procurement of goods. These sourcing companies help in giving access to best quality resources available locally. When it comes to manufacturing, …

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China’s Furniture Exports & Sourcing Possibilities

china furniture

Furniture offer different solutions such as sleeping, dining, seating, and storage function. In commercial spaces, furniture plays an important role in seating arrangements and document storage. Depending on end use, furniture designs can be modified through machine-based processes and handcrafting. China’s Domestic Furniture Market– China furniture market is supported by …

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Three Secrets to Successful China Sourcing

key to success

In a China sourcing business, your ability to follow-up and follow through with the potential China suppliers is paramount. If your company doesn’t have a systematic approach to procuring goods from China, you cannot maximize your margin. You need to build longterm business relationship with the Chinese sourcing agent and …

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Multichannel Sourcing Opportunities in China

Multichannel Sourcing

Sourcing products can benefit your business in more ways than just costs. Exporting goods allows you to expand the number of products you are able to sell to the customer. With the ability to offer large quantities of products in a shorter time frame, at the fraction of the cost, …

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