Case Study

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For those in search of a reliable sourcing and fulfillment partner in China, CSA stands out as the impeccable choice. They have provided me with a customized solution that aligns seamlessly with the unique requirements of my business. Their proactive approach and readiness to offer insightful advice have been invaluable. I have had the privilege of working with Michael, my agent at CSA, whose expertise in this sector is nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to the exceptional support from Michael and the CSA team, I’ve been able to scale my business effortlessly, achieving over $500K in monthly revenue without any fulfillment hiccups. I wholeheartedly recommend CSA to anyone seeking top-tier services in this field – they are truly unmatched.

James Burtson

Owner of Multiple Online Stores


James operates a successful Shopify dropshipping store, offering a variety of fashion items such as shirts, skirts, and shoes. Excelling in marketing, he consistently achieved over 100 orders daily. Initially, James managed all aspects of his business, including marketing, order processing, shipment coordination, Shopify updates, order tracking, and customer service. However, as order volume increased, he found himself overwhelmed and sought assistance.


In 2021, James partnered with CSA. Initially, he availed our Fulfillment Service, which entailed managing orders, coordinating shipments, and providing daily fulfillment reports. This transition allowed James to focus on other business aspects.

Subsequently, he integrated CSA’s Order Processing Service, connecting an ERP application to streamline his store’s operations. This upgrade included using our Warehouse facilities for product storage, ensuring faster delivery, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced refund rates.

As a result of these services, James expanded his business significantly, opening over 20 new stores. His operations are now more efficient, allowing him to concentrate on product research and marketing.

James’s business operations have been greatly simplified and optimized. He now mainly focuses on researching new trending products and expanding his business with additional stores. Each new store launch is followed by strategic online advertising campaigns, leading to successful shop launches and a steady increase in income. With the operational complexities managed by CSA, Marius enjoys more free time, signifying a balance between a thriving business and personal life.

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I unequivocally recommend CSA to those in search of a reliable agent in China. Their team exemplifies professionalism, attentively listening to requirements and delivering bespoke solutions tailored to individual business needs. CSA’s commitment to offering the best in terms of pricing and quality is exceptional. Their prompt and efficient order processing, coupled with a steadfast commitment to honesty and trustworthiness, sets them apart. The communication with CSA is notably effective, characterized by proficiency in English and prompt, comprehensive responses to inquiries. For anyone requiring sourcing services in China, CSA is a clear choice, eliminating the need to look elsewhere for quality and reliability.

Kevin Fournier

Owner of Multiple Brands, Dropshiper


Kevin, an entrepreneur with an Amazon store, experienced initial success selling a small measuring tool sourced from a Chinese vendor. However, market research indicated potential for cost reduction and product improvement. Kevin envisioned enhancing the tool based on a new concept, coupled with the need for private labeling and efficient manufacturing.


Kevin approached CSA for a comprehensive solution. Utilizing our Sourcing Service, we successfully identified a vendor offering the measuring tool at a more competitive price. More importantly, we facilitated Kevin’s vision from concept to reality. This involved:

  1. Identifying a manufacturer capable of creating a prototype aligning with Kevin’s new design, ensuring his complete satisfaction.
  2. Overseeing the production of an initial batch of 1,000 units.
  3. Managing the entire process from manufacturing to shipment to Amazon’s FBA warehouse.

Furthermore, CSA provided assistance in securing Chinese Legal Services. This included engaging a Chinese attorney for drafting and executing Non-Disclosure, Non-Use, Non-Circumvention (NNN), and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements with the manufacturer. Additionally, we supported Kevin in registering a patent and trademark in China, fortifying his intellectual property rights.

The redesigned small measuring tool rapidly became a popular item, prompting Kevin to consider scaling his business. However, he encountered cost challenges with Amazon’s FBA services. To address this, Kevin transitioned to CSA’s Order Processing & Fulfillment Service. This strategic move resulted in significant cost savings and freed up his time to focus on marketing efforts. Consequently, Kevin was able to expand his order volume and triple his business, demonstrating a successful business transformation through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions.

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I am incredibly satisfied with their services. Before engaging with them, I was dedicating over 12 hours daily to supply chain management and store administration, encompassing tasks like supplier negotiations, order placement, updates, and tracking. Now, these responsibilities are efficiently managed by their team at an affordable cost. This shift has significantly reduced my workload to less than 2 hours per day, primarily focusing on product discovery and marketing. Consequently, I now have the invaluable opportunity to spend more time with my family, which has been a remarkable change in my life.

Lisa Singleton

Online Store Owner, Mother of Three


Lisa Singleton, a seasoned international trader, manages a business that involves importing diverse products, filling two 20-foot containers monthly. Although successful, the process of consolidating various items for shipment was labor-intensive and time-consuming, leaving her with little time for personal pursuits.

The primary challenge was the need for effective coordination of the consolidation process and handling of all orders, freeing Lisa from the intricate details of her business operations.


Lisa initially availed our Fulfillment Service, where we took over the comprehensive management of her orders. Our role included contacting suppliers, placing and consolidating orders, conducting quality inspections, and arranging shipments. As her business expanded, Lisa also incorporated our Sourcing Service to discover new products and suppliers. Since 2016, Lisa has been a loyal and satisfied client, experiencing significant business growth and enjoying a more balanced life.