Why Quick Order Delivery Time is the Most Important Factor For Dropshipping Businesses

You’ve set up your dropshipping business, did all the promotional activities diligently, and customers are also started to place orders. Now, you need to think about how you can retain your existing customers along with acquiring new ones. Look, in the dropshipping business model, how fast you can ship your product to the customers will decide your success.

Almost four in ten customers want to have their goods delivered in two days or less; and 50% of consumers say delivery between three to five days is good with them. If your clients are receiving their orders after two or three months, they’ll not visit your website again. You need to keep your clients happy with quick and fast delivery services. Sellers across marketplaces need to keep up with these quick-evolving customer expectations by providing fast, free shipping — or risk losing business.

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The importance of quick delivery time

  • A satisfactory experience with a delivery time will result in repeat buying from your customer.
  • Your business may get word of the mouth publicity from your trusted customers
  • There is a greater chance of increasing your revenue and sales
  • Fast turnaround times create a better customer experience
  • Shoppers will not abandon your site and you can develop your own brand


But your shipping service depends on the dropshipping company you choose. This is where most of the business gain and lost. Fast turnaround time is the single most important factor for the success of your business. Quick delivery matters to your small business to increase your profits and customer retention — they’re only beneficial and will positively affect your business.


There are a few things you can do to ensure your customer get their delivery on time:

Pick a reputed China dropshipping supplier– It is only a well-organized and reputed China dropshipping supplier with an amazing logistics network that can get your product delivered on time. Keep in mind that ordinary dropshipping suppliers don’t have an organized logistics network. So, it is good to deal with an established China drop shipper from the very beginning.


  1. Start paying their bills as early as possible
  2. Communicate with them more about demand and deliveries
  3. Try to be in touch with China dropshipper and get to know them personally


Automate your delivery system– Technology plays a vital role in workflow automation to maintain a fast turnaround time (TAT). Try to automate your entire delivery system so that you can track every order properly. In case, there is a delay, you can personally message or call your customers and inform them about the delay. The automated delivery system will help you a lot in managing the entire delivery network.



Fulfilling the customer’s delivery expectation should be the highest priority if you are running a dropshipping business. Do your research to find a supplier that aligns with your shipping goals.

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