Why Good Value at a Reasonable Cost Will be Your China Sourcing Priority

China-based factories produce goods for the global economy. They have scaled their manufacturing capabilities well beyond what was ever believed possible. When you go for China sourcing, you’re working with time-tested factories that have been producing quality products in similar industries as yours for years on end, and in massive supply. Even as other considerations gain relevance, finding good value at a reasonable cost remains a sourcing priority.

A Successful China Sourcing Depends on the Following Factors

  • Selecting suppliers through a methodical plan
  • Verifying and vetting suppliers
  • Figuring out payment and managing quality control
  • Deciding which sourcing method (direct purchase, commission-based sourcing agent, using a sourcing provider or a trading company) best fits your needs

Don’t Deal with Chinese Manufacturers that Quote the Lowest Price

The lowest price concept in China is a trap set up by the unethical manufacturers. Most of the time foreign importers are lured with amazing product images and unrealistic assurances by the manufacturers and the importers went on to make the deposit without visiting the factory. China sourcing experts always suggest questioning yourself how could anyone offer them quality products at a price that is too good to be true. Don’t deal with the Chinese manufacturers that quote the lowest.

China sourcing

Use B2B China Sourcing Platforms

When doing China sourcing, you need to have a clear idea about the production process, chain of products and the operating environment of the supplier you have chosen. The easiest and most cost-effective place to start a search for suppliers in China is on the Internet and B2B sourcing platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made-in-China.com. This approach is most beneficial, if you need labor-intensive services. You need to build long term business relationship with the Chinese sourcing agent and need to have a full-proof plan for the branding of your product in your home market.

Consider both quantitative and qualitative factors of China made products

As an importer, your first prerogative should be to consider the quantitative as well as the qualitative factors of the product your sourcing from China. One of the massive issues you’ll run into when importing from China is undoubtedly the quality. Although the made in China products are no longer considered inferior, but still you need to pay attention of standard of the items their quantity before shipping them to your country so that you get the full value of your money.

Because China’s manufacturing sector has experienced a prolonged, dramatic boom, directly importing from China can prove to be an effective business decision. As long as you follow national and international trade regulations, you are free to import nearly anything in almost any quantity. There is a great chance that the Chinese manufacturing company may increase the production price if you directly approach them. Your lack of knowledge will work against you. Keeping Chinese local who will work on your behalf is a fantastic move. Regardless of your Chinese fluency, unless a local is on the phone, they will be able to tell the difference and start to play the Chinese negotiation game in a smarter way. You need to have someone in China that is on your side.

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