What is the Ideal Sourcing Agreement to Sign in China?

Finding a reliable and smart sourcing agent in China is a tough task. They receive order from you, showing you samples, looking after the quality check, dispatch the goods and get payments from you, China sourcing agents are your single point of contact. Whether you are a veteran importer of Chinese products or it is your first attempt to bring made in China goods, a sourcing agent takes responsibility of everything and turn the process of procuring goods from China hassle free and effortless.

Efficiencies of Chinese Sourcing Agents are:

  • High-level expertise in Chinese language
  • Fluent knowledge of Chinese business culture
  • Proficient in streamlining the manufacturing process
  • Experience in quality controlling process
  • Responsible with the entire process of product importations

Sourcing Agreement

Sourcing from China means it’s difficult to follow up suppliers locally. It becomes hard to track the quality of the end product. Also, communication between you and suppliers caused several confusions, if it’s not face to face. Chinese procurement agents are basically the local representative of your business. They help you in getting the best deals for you. A sourcing agent will always keep the business agenda on the forefront and strives to serve your interests well. They can arrange a quality check of every product before shipment and provides you maximum about the quality of the product.

Dealing with the China manufacturers and suppliers is time-consuming, especially, for the US and the European business owners. The difference of time zone is also another added burden responsible for the delayed response either from your end or from your manufacturer’s end. Talented sourcing agents will help you to do everything in a seamless manner. They will explain all the steps and keep you updated throughout the sourcing process from finding the supplier to manufacturing and shipping of the inventory.

One of the most viatal aspects of China sourcing is to take note that only a handful of China suppliers are qualified to comply with the Western certification standards. If you are sourcing China made products for selling in the US, Europe or Australian market, you need to ensure compliance with one or more product certification standards.

Final Thoughts-

For all the business owners willing to procure products with the help of sourcing agents having a robust sourcing agreement. An NNN agreement could prove to be a key part of your China sourcing business. Despite signing an agreement with a sourcing agent, foreign companies still require to register their copyrights, trademarks and patents in China.

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