Sourcing Products from China – A Detailed Q&A Session


China is the preferred destination for the American manufacturers and retailers to source parts and goods. Lower costs of living make China’s low wages manageable for the common manufacturing worker, and their factories are thriving by producing goods for the entire world. But sourcing products from China is a complicated process.

There are so many hidden questions those answers you cannot get easily. So, we have decided to broadly discuss the core issues and questions attached with the China sourcing.

What is China’s integrated supply chain and how foreign investors get benefit from this?
Ans– China’s integrated supply chains are a key advantage when it comes to fast-tracking your supply chain. Its production ecosystems offer a hard-to-match concentration of input suppliers, assembly factories, skilled workers, and service providers — all at a massive scale and for a broad range of low-tech, mid-tech, and even high-tech products.

How much is the average cost difference between air shipping and sea shipping in China?

Ans– It depends on how big and heavy your shipment is. Air is near around $6/kg and the sea is normally cheaper if your shipment is over 1 CBM. How much cheaper depends on weight and dimensions.

What Products can I manufacture in China?

Ans– China is now the workshop of the world. The quality of most Chinese manufacturing is comparable to any developed economy, however, it remains crucial to be discerning when identifying Chinese suppliers. You can find China suppliers for almost any product.

Product Sourcing from China

How product sourcing agents in China help foreign businesses?

AnsProduct sourcing agents in China aim to help small business import products from China with good price & quality when facing 1,000+ suppliers for the same product in Alibaba. Chinese product sourcing agents can efficiently handle all aspects of shipping and quality control. Foreign businesses can rely on the market knowledge and experience of the Chinese sourcing agents in China. Even if you’re working with a sourcing agent, to find the right product you will still need to review a lot of quotes, consider a lot of simple samples and customized samples. Your Sourcing Agent should understand this is an expensive process, and that bundled samples will make the whole process a lot cheaper and easier for you.

How many factories should I consider sourcing in China?

Ans– Most of the time, companies do not source enough contract manufacturers when going through the sourcing process. It highly depends on the industry and product, but sourcing several factories during the initial quotation and qualification process is very important for several reasons.

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