Solve the China Sourcing Puzzle with the Help of Sourcing Agents

When you import a particular product from China, you’ll need to research the regulations with which you’ll have to comply. The number of rules will depend on the type of product you’re importing. This is always a requisite for any import. The notable thing is maintaining all these regulations will greatly strengthen the beneficial aspects of procuring goods from China.

  • Accurately plan your import objectives
  • Purchase Chinese items at a wholesale price
  • Identify a good, legitimate and reliable supplier
  • Negotiate the right deal
  • Reduce risk by having a clear contract
  • Choose which method of transportation you are going to use
  • Declare your imports to HMRC
  • Taxes and duties on imports

Most of the sourcing agents work in an organized way for their clients. From identifying potential suppliers to get the items short-listed, they perform every task quite diligently. Finding low cost products in China is easy but finding quality products at an affordable price range is challenging. Sourcing agents solve that puzzle and easily identify manufacturing companies that offer standard product without charging high. Agents always try to strike a profitable deal for their clients.

Reviewing supplier’s terms and discounts

Ensure that a Master Agreement exists for all the suppliers. Discuss with your Chinese suppliers as to when you may make procurement savings by altering your purchasing patterns. It may be that by purchasing slightly more products you automatically receive a higher discount.

Be a smart importer of the Chinese goods and take decisions that are valuable to your business. Do keep in mind that while doing business with the online Chinese sourcing agents it is important to take cautious steps. Always look for the sample before placing your final order.

Even if you manage to find a trusted wholesale supplier there are lot of things still remain to be done. Have a quick look at them:

  1. Check business licenses
  2. Ask for references
  3. Get a sample
  4. Conduct factory audits
  5. Background checks
  6. Visit the company or factory in person
  7. Ask for the turnaround time and payment terms

China Sourcing Agents

Tailor your vendor inquiries for specific product categories. This might sound obvious but it’s important to be very specific from the start about what you are looking to buy including types of products, materials, size, color, etc. Examine the high tech capabilities of manufacturers. Look for their Web and CAD-Cam capabilities in particular.

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