Right Strategy for Selling Chinese Products Online

Made in China products are ruling the world. Not only they are cheap but also highly useful. Foreign exporters can either buy higher or lower quality products according to the consumer market they are willing to target. A maximum number of Chinese manufacturers mainly sell to the domestic Chinese market. The domestic market is also largely price sensitive. Other manufacturers in China are OEM manufactures for international brand companies. As an importer, it is up to you which quality product you want to source.

Right Strategy for Selling Chinese Products Online

Research your Product Ideas-

Chinese products can be cheap to import. It can be a temptation for small business owners to compromise on quality to save money by buying cheap products from China. To avoid falling into this trap and to provide your customers quality products, you should always research your product ideas.

Flexibility Regarding Pricing and Promotions

Pricing the product is necessary and planning the promotions relating to that is even more important. Do not over-price or under-price your product. Placing the right kind of price for products is relevant because that helps beating the competition. If you are thinking of raising the price, do not make it a steep rise; instead, make it decent and increase the volume so that even a small increase accumulates to a lot.

Make Use of Alibaba

Alibaba is a directory of Chinese suppliers where you can find factories to manufacture products for you at wholesale prices. Almost every supplier that you find on Alibaba will allow you to place your own brand on your product which is a practice known as private labeling. Because many suppliers on Alibaba are manufacturers or factories, they will usually force you to purchase a minimum order quantity with every order and you have to buy in bulk.

Hire a Chinese Sourcing Agent

Another great way to find your supplier is to hire a trusted Chinese sourcing agent. There are many sourcing agents to choose from, yet we advise to only use a certified Chinese sourcing agent. A certified sourcing agent will be able to supply you with their certification details and qualifications, which you can double check.

Chinese products are no longer equate to bad. Chinese manufacturers gained their popularity by supplying the low-cost products. But the things have changed over the last couple of years as they are also coming up with the most sophisticated, cutting edge, and high-quality items available, and consumer sentiment around the world has adjusted accordingly.

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