Pro Tips on AliExpress Dropshipping

ecommerce dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retail method in which the seller does not maintain the stock. A dropshipper gets an order and further passes that order to the third-party supplier. The supplier does the rest of the tasks including packaging and shipping. Dropshipping is a time-saving business as you just have to take orders and pass them to the supplier. With dropshipping business, you can focus more on your business strategies and generate revenue. Dropshipping provides you the flexibility of location as you can work from anywhere, anytime.


AliExpress is a popular online store for buying products at much cheaper prices than Amazon and other similar services. The store was founded in 2010 and is owned by Alibaba, a massive Chinese multinational company focusing on e-commerce and computing, and is one of the world’s largest internet companies. AliExpress allows the suppliers to look a little more action-packed. That said, if you’ve been eyeing on the dropshipping business in 2021, this retail platform can suitably be a perfect fit.


What is AliExpress dropshipping?

AliExpress makes it easy to find products to sell on your store without having to worry about inventory or shipping. Add the products you’d like to sell from AliExpress onto your store, set a price with a markup, and whenever you receive an order, you pay for that product at wholesale cost and the AliExpress seller ships the orders directly to your customer. AliExpress has a database of hundreds of millions of products. You’ll be hard-pressed to not find the item you’re looking for. Product trends appear on AliExpress overnight. When a product like Fidget Spinners shows up, you can bet that you’ll be able to find it on AliExpress.



How to use AliExpress for dropshipping:


  1. Firstly, you’ll set up your online store using a platform such as Shopify.
  2. Next, using an app like Oberlo, you’re ready to start importing products from the AliExpress Marketplace. Oberlo helps you to streamline and sync your imports from AliExpress with your Shopify storefront by notifying you of any inventory or price changes from your supplier, and it can aid you in sending tracking codes to your customers once their orders have been dispatched.
  3. Finally, when a customer places an order with your store, you’ll then go to your supplier and order that exact same item to be shipped directly to them.


Starting a dropshipping business with AliExpress is 100 percent free. Other services like Worldwide Brands and Doba charge hundreds of dollars in startup and monthly fees. This can be a huge burden for someone who is trying to get their ecommerce business off the ground with minimal funds. You control your own profit margins. AliExpress prices are extremely low and allow you plenty of profit.

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