Marketing Strategy for Dropshipping Business & Sourcing Products from China

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Compared to other traditional business methods, dropshipping is entirely different. The dropshipping industry is highly competitive as thousands of other sellers are selling the exact product that you are selling. Your potential customer has a limitless option to buy from any of these sellers without any restrictions. And, needless to say, there is a cut-throat price competition as well. Only through proper marketing, you’ll get the chance to outsmart your competitors. Marketing is the main ingredient behind the success of the dropshipping business.


  • Use social media marketing

Planning and strategizing are important. But unless you’re implementing smart social media marketing tactics, you won’t see growth in your dropship wholesale suppliers’ business. Platforms come and go. User behavior changes. As a result, the way brands approach social media has to change too. Social media has a tremendous potential to drive traffic to any business.  Not every social media marketing tactic will be relevant for every brand. By choosing to concentrate on the social media marketing tactics that matter to the audience you want most, you can focus on the places your efforts will bring maximum value.


  • User-generated content

User-generated content (or UGC) is great for both brands and their followers. For your company, it’s basically free content (as long as you have the consent of the creators). And for your followers, it’s an opportunity to gain exposure and be featured on your page. When your audience sees that you share user-generated content, they’ll be inspired to create some of their own. The result? Increased brand awareness of your dropship wholesale suppliers’ business. A win-win!

Why Chinese sourcing agents are indispensable for your dropshipping business

Choose an experienced sourcing agent that not only has a domestic office but also a well-staffed office in China. China is one of the Asian countries where Western businesses can find a huge network of trusted Chinese dropshipping suppliers. These suppliers import raw materials, or sub-components of different products, and then give them to manufacturers to transform them into finished, ready-for retail products.


Quality check procedure of China dropshipping products

This should include a variety of information about the item to be sourced, such as:

  • Physical description
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Chemical composition
  • Performance specifications
  • Industrial standards



Easy Distribution Process

Some companies also choose to source products from China to ease the distribution process to other countries. When the manufacturing process is properly handled elsewhere, your company can focus its resources on research and development for future products. China’s mature export industry makes it relatively easy to find inspection agencies and suppliers experienced in meeting international compliance standards. China also has abundant raw materials, particularly steel, aluminum, and rubber, also at much lower prices than could be expected elsewhere, coupled with a good, developed industrial base, a good communications network, and a stable, still-growing economy.

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