Key Marketing Strategy for Dropship Wholesale Suppliers

As the e-commerce industry is witnessing double-digit growth per year and quickly becoming a trillion-dollar industry, businesses can make maximum benefit of this trend. With the help of a trusted ropship wholesale suppliers, you have plenty of potential sales to leverage on. And dropshipping makes it flexible because you won’t have to physically hold an inventory and you’ll just pay once you make a sale.

Marketing Strategy for Dropshipping Business

Compared to other traditional business methods, dropshipping is entirely different. The dropshipping industry is highly competitive as thousands of other sellers are selling the exact product that you are selling. Your potential customer has limitless option to buy from any of these sellers without any restrictions. And, needless to say, there is a cut-throat price competition as well. Only through proper marketing you’ll get the chance to outsmart your competitors. Marketing is the main ingredient behind the success of dropshipping business.


  • Use social media marketing

Planning and strategizing are important. But unless you’re implementing smart social media marketing tactics, you won’t see growth in your dropship wholesale suppliers business. Platforms come and go. User behavior changes. As a result, the way brands approach social media has to change too. Social media has a tremendous potential to drive traffic to any business. Not every social media marketing tactic will be relevant for every brand. By choosing to concentrate on the social media marketing tactics that matter to the audience you want most, you can focus on the places your efforts will bring maximum value.

  • User-generated content

User-generated content (or UGC) is great for both brands and their followers. For your company, it’s basically free content (as long as you have the consent of the creators). And for your followers, it’s an opportunity to gain exposure and be featured on your page. When your audience sees that you share user-generated content, they’ll be inspired to create some of their own. The result? Increased brand awareness of your dropship wholesale suppliers business. A win-win!

Visual promotion of your product

In the wholesale dropshipping business, the more your product is visible to the potential buyer, the more it will sell. Try to visually promote your products on the popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube. Even you can use visual images to promote events, discounts, webinars, etc. Paying for ads is cool and maintaining Facebook fan pages is necessary. But, that’s not where organizations should stop. You need to continuously promote your business without any stopping.

Products from dropship wholesale suppliers allow you to maintain a lower product cost. The cost of goods is usually relatively close to the wholesale price, allowing you to sell products at market value and make a profit. Businesses need to consider the cost of goods, marketing, business expenses, and eventually hiring a team. The price that you put on your product is the most crucial part in the e-commerce business. So, it should not be too low that you can’t even make profit or too high that your customers find it expensive.

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