Increase Bottom-Line Growth of Dropshipping Business with Tailored Solutions

Securing success for China’s dropshipping business requires more elaborate strategies.  Especially these days when China costs are increasing, and the importing countries’ advantages are no simply low cost but also highly quality of dropshipping products. Every importer should have their own unique approach as to how they navigate the world of dropshipping from China.

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Cost analysis of dropshipping products

Putting together a manufacturing cost analysis and validating your product can save you time and money very early on. Try to get hold of more than one qualified Chinese suppliers and compare their quality output. Order samples from all the China suppliers and begin comparing the key differences. This is the point in your dropshipping strategy where you can begin to consider price as well.


For the sourcing process to be successful, you must provide your China supplier and manufacturers a detailed specification of the materials or products that you want

Doing business in China is clearly a different ball game than doing business in other countries. You must give the supplier and manufacturer a detailed specification of the materials or products that you want. Be very clear about what you want in the product or raw material. If possible, send them specific detailed drawings of your product. If you are currently manufacturing your products, you may want to send them a sample piece. If changes are needed, make sure you provide detailed written specifications.


Government-led investment in skills, infrastructure, and industrial upgrading has also contributed to China’s efficiency gains. China’s mature export industry makes it relatively easy to find inspection agencies and suppliers experienced in meeting international compliance standards. In order to meet changing market conditions, businesses engage in dual and multiple sourcing strategies (“second source”) and also in greater engagement and control in regard to the Chinese market.


Even though labor costs constitute an important factor, companies see the highest potential for cost reduction in improving their production efficiency by further investing in manufacturing processes such as lean management, six sigma, and quality improvement. The China dropshipping is motivated by the anticipated cost benefits compared to the local procurement.


In order to take advantage of the growing China dropshipping business, you need to re-assess the key elements of China’s traditional manufacturing competitiveness.  China has offered favorable business opportunities for companies across the world with unbeatable growth potential and as a low-cost source of high-quality products and services. China product sourcing companies help bottom-line growth for your business with flexible and tailored solutions.


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