How to Maintain A Good Relationship With China Dropshipping Supplier

According to China has repeatedly stated that it intends to become a significant player in international standards organizations. It is the best place to source products and goods for the dropshipping business. And Chinese suppliers play a pivotal part in the overall success of a dropshipping business model.

Build a good relationship with China suppliers

To be sure, building effective relationships all along the supply chain is key to achieving superior sourcing performance. But in today’s global economy, China plays a critical role in the buy and make segments at the beginning of the supply chain. China is not a place where individuals function alone. As a result, personal relationships in China are critical. Build a personal relationship with the Chinese party on a day-by-day basis. It encompasses a set of complex values including hierarchy, respect, mutual benefit, and “face.” There is no substitute for humility.

Be in the talking terms with the China dropshipping suppliers

It’s important that whenever small businesses begin to foster a relationship with a manufacturer or agent, that they’re asking for proof of incorporation and export license documentation. Take the time to get personal with your contact and call them via Skype if you think they’d be able to communicate with you. Be in the talking terms with the China dropshipping suppliers on a continuous basis will help you a lot in conveying your requirements, shipping date and any additional queries.


Try to keep better payment terms

Making payments on time is another best possible way to foster a good relationship with a China supplier. Normally initial payment terms suppliers offer you may be a 30% deposit and 70% due before shipment.


Getting your items through China customs

Appoint a customs broker. Locating and hiring a licensed customs broker can make your importation process much easier. This professional facilitates communication between you and the government, fills out and files necessary paperwork, and can help you navigate import regulations. They can also help estimate import costs and how long the import process will take.


A big part of sourcing products from China is negotiating for them, and we don’t just mean about the price. Negotiate on the quality, negotiate on the terms, and negotiate on the type of relationship you have. Tailor your vendor inquiries for specific product categories.


The standard of compliance in the US and Europe is quite high. Any type of goods imported to these countries goes through a rigorous quality check process. So it becomes really important to maintain all the necessary compliance and standards at the time of manufacturing your products in China. Effective quality control from the very beginning will help you a lot to avoid unnecessary compliance issues and bottlenecks.

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