How China Sourcing Agent Can Offer You Sound Sourcing Suggestions

How To Survive In Dropshipping During And After The Crisis

China accounts for one-fifth of the global manufacturing, making it the largest manufacturing nation in the world. This is the reason companies from across the world source or dropship products from here. Due to the differences in mindset, customs, and culture, the way of doing business over here is entirely different than West. This is the reason it is a wise decision to hire Chinese sourcing agents for sourcing products from China.

A China sourcing agent that has extensive experience of working in China will have a large network of reliable contacts vital to your business. From quality check to shipping the products to your country, a Chinese sourcing agent can perform all the valuable tasks on your behalf. One of the most common approaches is to visit famous wholesale places like Guangzhou wholesale market or Foshan furniture market with a guide of an experienced local Chinese sourcing agent.


Simple way of finding trending products to source from China

On clicking the search box, Alibaba will auto-suggest you the most popular & trending product keywords. These are the keywords that are being searched the most by buyers on Alibaba (on real-time basis). Once you’ve validated your product, you can feel safe bulking up your order quantity & making changes to differentiate your products. We’ll even talk about private label branding & expanding your product line.


To help you get started, following is the curated list of cheap & most profitable products to import from China:


  • Garlic Grater & Cutter
  • Printed T-Shirts For Kids
  • Elastic Jeans Buttons
  • Nail Art Stamper
  • Cutlery Set For Kids
  • Portable USB Desk Lamp
  • 3 in 1 Mini Survival Tool
  • Mobile Phone Holder
  • Universal IR Remote
  • Virtual Reality Glasses Box


Sourcing agents are familiar with local markets. Sourcing agencies work with low-cost country suppliers to identify profitable opportunities for their clients. Finding a reliable sourcing agent can offer you sound sourcing suggestions according to your requirement.

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