Easy Steps Businesses Can Follow to Dropship Products from China to the USA

It is clear that trading between the USA and China will continue at high-volumes for years to come. The dropshipping business in the US is fueled by Chinese suppliers. That’s why it is important for businesses to know the best ways to dropship items from china to US customers.


Know the best plan of action to drop ship products from China to the USA and make enormous profits.

how to find dropshipping suppliers

Two of the world’s largest superpowers today, the U.S. and China have typically had a long-standing trade relationship going back decades. China’s economy may be known by American consumers mostly for its electronics exports, and indeed the majority of America’s most-imported Chinese products are in electronics. But more than just an exporter of keyboards and DVD players, China has become a significant leader in areas like currency reserves and GDP.


Despite shaky relations between the nations, that trend shows little deviation over time. It is clear that trading between the two nations will continue at high-volumes for years to come. Quite obviously, it is important for businesses to know the best ways to dropship items from china to US customers. There are a few basic guidelines when importing from China, including:


  • Dealing with tariffs and restrictions
  • Sourcing goods
  • Paying for goods
  • Arranging shipping
  • Finalizing delivery
  • Ensuring products meet U.S. guidelines


Make sure you can legally drop ship your chosen products from China

While dropshipping from China, the maximum number of items are allowed. However, there are many Chinese products that are restricted to import. The United States imposes stricter guidelines on agricultural products, for example. Additionally, Chinese laws may prohibit the export of certain items, like animal by-products or fake designer clothes and accessories. Check with the laws and regulations of both countries before drop-shipping your product.


Get your Importer Number

During the entry process, the importer number will be needed on the entry form. It can be your IRS business registration number, or if your business is not registered with the IRS or you do not have a business, your social security number will be sufficient. As an alternative, you may also request a CBP assigned number by completing a CBP Form 5106 and presenting it to the entry branch at a CBP port of entry.


Classify your goods and calculate the landed cost

Determine the 10-digit tariff classification number for each item you are importing. These numbers along with the Certificate of Origin are used to determine the rate of duty you must pay when importing. Then do the land cost calculation. It’s critical to get landed cost earlier; no one wants to lose customers (due to estimating costs too high) or earnings (estimating costs too low). If it’s higher than you had anticipated, you can try to look for ways to mitigate the cost elements. If it’s in line with your budget, you can go ahead and begin the process.


Dropshipping is fueled by Chinese suppliers, and the number of Chinese dropshipping companies is on the rise. The growth of Chinese exports during the last decade can be linked to their integration with western businesses, and now thousands of Chinese suppliers understand the opportunity they have with dropshipping. That’s why to most people, dropshipping reminds them of Chinese products and nothing else.


Alibaba is often cited as China’s answer to both Amazon and eBay — containing a massive online database of just about everything people want to buy in one place. Aliexpress is the international arm of Alibaba, and it was designed to give shoppers in the US and elsewhere a taste of the ultimate online marketplace.

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