Are you Dealing With a China Trading Company or a Factory?

SUPPLIERSIt is relatively hard to find a trusted supplier in China who offers quality products with competitive price. There are suppliers in China who can leave foreign importers feeling perplexed, raising more doubts than supports with their correspondence. Working with this type of Chinese supplier can quickly lead to problems later in the sourcing process. China is the largest exporting nation in the world largely because it specializes in a number of different product categories. There’s no country that can match China when it comes to product availability.

Email communication has certain problems and the basic one is how to know whether you are dealing with the original source. Everywhere you will find trading companies. Be resourceful while searching for Chinese wholesale suppliers. Either visit listing services for potential customers or search for factory website directly from search engines. However, using listing directories are definitely helpful. At the time of selecting your China supplier, it is good to focus on suppliers who have ample knowledge of exporting goods to the USA and other European countries.

Despite labor costs rise (minimum monthly wages in the major factory hubs of China are rising high), China continues to be a high-quality, low-cost place to source products and goods. Not only does its factories have years of experience, but they also provide businesses with a complete supply chain of raw materials, a capable labor force, and smooth logistics. China-based factories produce goods for the global economy. They have scaled their manufacturing capabilities well beyond what was ever believed possible.

Small business owners are interested to buy wholesale goods instead of private customized buying due to several reasons. The first being that the customer can check the wholesale website online. You can check the sample and then pay for your products. MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity can be provided by wholesalers but not by manufacturers. Buying wholesale is more viable for small business owners because they can order few pieces.

It is advised to get knowledge whether you are working with an actual manufacturer or a trading company. The advantage of working with an actual manufacturer is that they are remarkably efficient in manufacturing your goods, on the other hand dealing with a trading company means you are not dealing with a manufacturer but with a middleman. They receive your order and forward your deposit to a local partner factory. In many cases, that’s also everything they do, without offering any added value.

A visit to any supplier will let you know if you are dealing with an actual manufacturer or a trading company. Once you have that out of the way then one can simply focus on the main tasks at hand.

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