Explore Other Options of Sourcing Jewelry Except Alibaba

Already a global hub for jewelry manufacturing, China has captured the attention of the global gem and jewelry industry. China is the second largest jewelry market after the United States with an estimated turnover of more than 80 billion dollars and accounting for a 40% share in the consumption of jewelry in the world. China’s jewelry industry is expected to improve a lot in the coming years.

Explore Other Options of Sourcing Jewelry Except Alibaba

Chinese wholesale jewelry suppliers have increasingly try to meet the demands of modern clients by providing a more diverse product mix, designing more appealing jewelry and optimizing sales channels. The US is one of the biggest markets for China made jewelry. A huge number of jewelry houses and customers rely on the Alibaba for sourcingcz stone wholesale from China, metal jewelry and other high-end ornaments. Interestingly, Alibaba is not the only platform from to source China wholesale jewelry.

Jewelry Sourcing Options apart from Alibaba

  • PandaWhole & PandaHall-

PandaWhole is perhaps the best suited online store for China bulk wholesale jewelry. Unlike Alibaba which is a marketplace, PandaWhole is an online store with the largest selection of beads, artificial gemstones, cubic zirconia and more. PandaHall is a Chinese merchandise online market that offers essential jewelry making supplies wholesales in Beads & Findings that includes jade, silver, pearl, gemstone, lampwork glass and crystal items etc. to both jewelry making company or small jewelry stores. Pandahall.com is a Square Trade Verified Seller of jewelry products and as a result, they supply quality jewelry making supplies.

  • Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Based in Grants Pass, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is the leading catalog and e-commerce direct marketing company in the jewelry supply industry in the United States of America. The company has an easy to use site and a pricing system where you buy different quantity levels at different price points. This online store is renowned for offering beading and jewelry making supplies to customers, wholesale jewelry houses and designers.

  • Rio Grande

Rio Grande specializes in metal jewelry segment and offers a wide range of jewelry-making supplies. Rio Grande is your source for jewelry-making supplies and jewelry made of 14k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, high-karat gold, vermeil or gold-plated, fine silver, sterling silver, or base metal. Buyers can create eye-catching jewelry designs with their wide selection of jewelry mountings.

Final Thoughts

The Chinese jewelry market has become more and more accessible to the US consumers. Various online jewelry stores are offering high-end China made jewelry to their customers with single or bulk purchase option. There are many online stores operating all over the USA apart from Alibaba from where you can source Chinese jewelry items.

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