China Sourcing Trends Foreign Importers can Follow

Are you a seller that has been struggling where to buy bulk orders? Are you considering buying goods from China wholesale suppliers but with doubt?

In this blog, we are going to share some of the finest points that will make your wholesale buying from China hassle-free and convenient.

China Sourcing Trends Foreign Importers can Follow

Attend Trade Shows in China

For the foreign buyers, trade shows offer a great opportunity to meet manufacturers, see their products and foster lasting business relationships. By attending trade shows, chances are higher that you can meet local manufacturers and that can prove highly beneficial for your shipping and logistics requirements.

Make your First Supplier List Early

The most decisive factor for making the most out of your China sourcing is to start early and build your first China supplier list. You need to be aggressive and have to take important decisions promptly. There is no room for delayed reaction if you want to succeed. Plan rightly to find the most promising China manufacturing partner, finalizing the product design and proceed with the manufacturing process.

Opt for the Bilingual Purchase Contract

While sourcing from China, the importance of a contract becomes greater and greater. That is the main reason, it is advised to work with a bilingual purchase contract. The bilingual purchase contract means the contents of the contracts will be written in Chinese as well as your preferred language. Do keep in mind that Chinese language under Chinese law will always prevail.

Price Negotiation

Successful price negotiation is about finding the right equilibrium, where you pay the right price for the right quality, while the Chinese suppliers wholesale can make enough money to stay in business and pay their shareholders and employees. If you can strike the right price negotiation, the advantage you gain is many Chinese suppliers offer their best customers upgrades to better components and raw materials, thus producing a higher quality final product.

The Final Advice

It is a common practice in China to copy the product, intellectual property and brand. While starting manufacturing your product in China, foreign brands need to highly cautious about protecting the brand’s image, IP and trademark. In order to ensure the safety of your brand, get everything in writing and monitor your listing.

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