Sourcing From China Is A Long Learning Curve

China made products have become increasingly trendy, as customers demand cheaper price, a wide range of choices and fast delivery. That is the main reason sourcing products from China is the go to strategy for many retailers in the West. This country offers a finely tuned supply chain, with experienced suppliers, that will design, prototype, build and ship products at a fraction of the time it takes elsewhere.



  • Procure Goods from Chinese Suppliers

It is quite easy to procure goods from China, but before you board a plane, you need to have complete knowledge about the entire process of importing items from this country. The US and the European retailers can buy China products directly by hiring Chinese suppliers. Based on the high demand for imports from China, Getting the legitimate Chinese supplier for your business has become a little easier over the past few years. Trade fairs and sourcing websites are offering you wonderful opportunity to meet suppliers sitting in your office.


  • Procure Chinese Products from the Online Portals

If you want to purchase Chinese commodities indirectly, there are many online portals such as Alibaba, DH gate and Aliexpress you can engage. These online portals are a fantastic place to start out. You will have to do some digging around to find quality suppliers, and you can do that by sending out Request for Proposal.


The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of pounds and spend weeks or months wondering if your supplier is legit. There is no 100% guarantee that certain suppliers won’t rip you off even if you choose suppliers with “Golden supplier,” “Accessed Supplier,” and “Trade assurance” badges. Be aware that verified suppliers at these sites may only mean that the companies are verified to exist; it does not necessarily mean that their reputation, production capability, or quality have been verified for example, a gold member at Alibaba is a paid status.


Conduct Due Diligence

Sourcing from China is a long learning curve, especially for those who are new to the business. In the view of the Chinese sourcing experts, without conducting due diligence, it would be a huge risk. China sourcing is a complex subject and requires deep study to master, even in cases of purchasing a stable business.

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