Profitable Aspects of Ordering Wholesale Products from China

Wholesale buying refers to the sourcing of large quantities of merchandise from the wholesale product sourcing agents in China. A wholesaler will sell his product in bulk quantities to retailers, allowing the retailer to take advantage of a lower price than if he were to buy single items. The wholesaler will typically buy goods direct from the manufacturer, but could also buy from a reseller.

Difference between a Distributor and Wholesaler in China?

Sourcing products from the Chinese sourcing agents can be really simple once you know the market properly. Often it has been noted that the foreign buyers cannot figure out the differences between a Chinese distributor and a wholesaler. In order to make it easier for you, here we are furnishing the difference between a Chinese distributor and a Chinese wholesaler-

Chinese Distributors– Distributor is an independent agent that enters into an agreement with a manufacturer to sell their products to wholesalers or retailers.

Chinese Wholesaler– Wholesaler is a middleman that buys in bulk from a distributor and resells at a wholesale price to a retailer. Wholesalers can specialize in a certain type of products.

Why Buying from the Chinese Wholesale Agents is Profitable

The biggest mistake people make when trying to find products to import from China and sell online is this: they start looking for products first. Wrong. The first thing you need to do is to identify a niche that you want to sell into and then look for products from the Chinese wholesale agents. Manufacturers are often willing to give Chinese wholesalers better prices than they would give retailers because of the large volume of orders they place. Undoubtedly this enables wholesale product sourcing agents in China to offer cheap price to their foreign clients.


The most promising aspect of sourcing from China is you can make just as much selling everyday items imported from China and sell them in your home market. Chinese wholesalers can be easily found online and the best ones are listed as trusted sources at the Federal International Trade Association’s website. You will not need to understand Chinese to buy directly from China either. These wholesalers will often have English speaking representatives to help you.

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