Why Should you Arrange a Face to Face Meeting with Sourcing Agents in China?

If you are turning to China for all your procurement needs, sourcing agents in China could prove to be a valuable partner for you. Applying their methodical approach and sound business skills, Chinese sourcing agents can greatly minimize your sourcing risks.

With the development of communication technologies, finding procurement agents in China has become quite simple. A maximum number of foreign companies find and form relationships with the Chinese sourcing agents via internet, phone calls, emails and other digital communication methods.

Why Should you Arrange a Face to Face Meeting with Sourcing Agents in China

Navigating Chinese manufacturing market can be overwhelming for the foreigners, and you can appoint a single sourcing agent or a sourcing firm to help you out. By sitting in a California or London office, business owners can contact and sign a deal with a Shanghai-based sourcing firm.

You don’t have to be in China physically for procuring items as sourcing firms can do the job for you.

Importance of setting up a face to face meeting with the sourcing agents in China

Whether you want to import Titanium Dioxide or Home Decor Items, Cosmetics Products or Frozen Food, the entire China sourcing process seems quite easy, isn’t it. However, professionals suggest to set up a face to face meeting with your sourcing agents in China. It is advised to all the business owners to at least visit China at once and meet with the agent or sourcing company personally and if it is not possible try to arrange a meeting with the agent in your home country.

Let’s examine the reasons why face-to-face meetings work better for international business relationships

  • Face to face meetings are the only option when you have to communicate ideas or hold discussions with your Chinese sourcing agent.
  • Managing a successful team and, consequently, a successful business in China requires personal connections. Face-to-face communication helps to build that connection with your Chinese partner.
  • Relationships are not truly cemented until we meet face-to-face. When we meet someone in person, we are able to put our ideas to them and similarly, the sourcing agents get the chance to explain their sourcing approach to you.
  • In place of a Skype call, face to face meetings help you to see on your own eyes who is the actual supplier and get the feeling that you truly make your procurement agent understand what you exactly want.


Virtual meetings can feel a bit foggy and less defined simply because they are often a little like talking under water. In China, few things build trust like a face-to-face meeting. You can better understand the nuances of sourcing products from over here.

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