Blueprint of Becoming a Sourcing Agent in China

China’s manufacturing industry has put this country on the world’s map. The rapid development of China’s factories and modernization of manufacturing sector has made this country one of the finest places for sourcing various sort of products. Becoming a sourcing agent in China could prove to be a highly-lucrative and promising career option.

Responsibilities of sourcing agents

  • Sourcing agents may represent a single employer or could run a business that serves a number of firms
  • Pay typically occurs on a commission basis, where the sourcing agent makes a percentage of the order’s value
  • The work can require knowledge of multiple languages as well as a good business sense and coordination skills.
  • A sourcing agent helps to import goods in an easy way, including factory assessment, screening, order fulfillment, product testing, inspection, and shipment etc .

How to become a sourcing agent in China


Becoming a sourcing agent in China is not that difficult. You don’t need to be highly qualified. Proficiency in Chinese and a working knowledge of speaking English are the two essential qualities.

Need to Know the Chinese Suppliers

Having knowledge of the efficient suppliers in China is the most important quality sourcing agents should have. A supplier is the foundation of your business and a good supplier means- high-quality goods, happy (and hopefully repeat!) customers, good reviews and more purchases.

A Good Understanding of the Market

A sourcing agent would be able to have the vision of future. Which new product would have the biggest appeal to the consumers, smart decision to make for about the factory or factories that are ideal for doing business and how the international events will impact the manufacturing and sourcing arena of the world.

Negotiation Skills-

Last but not the least is the negotiation skills of the sourcing agent. The sign of a good sourcing agent is he/she has to be a good negotiator. When it comes to deal with the clients, the agent has to be transparent in the dealing and have to stay away from making tall promises that are impossible to keep such as giving quotes that are too low in order to lure clients or promising an unrealistically close delivery date.

Not only does it require little financial investment to start, but also As a product sourcing agent you can conveniently plug into the export value chain. There are so many products made in China that may be of interest to your market’s buyers. Reliable sourcing agents in China are hard to find as well as high in demand.

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