Gameplan for Sourcing Small Volume From China

You may be experienced in sourcing or starting a new business or looking to get hands on China sourcing, one thing sure, it is the paradise for importers all over the world. For the foreign buyers, sourcing small quantity from China could be an excellent option. Businesses that are likely to averse the risk as well as don’t possess a considerable amount of capital, sourcing a small amount of goods from China at the initial stage could prove to be an excellent strategy.

The first thing you need to do is identify products you want to sell, there are lot of ways you can do this, and the hardest part is usually coming up with ideas to research. First thing first, it is advised to all the small volume buyers to resist the policy of stocking up a whole store or e-commerce site with custom made products imported from China. You can’t reach the required minimum order quantity requirements and managing the whole purchasing process for as few as one or two products is already very demanding and time consuming for small businesses.

Find Chinese Suppliers for Small Quantity Orders

Importing small quantity directly from China isn’t as simple as most people think. There are several challenges that you will have to deal with; you may have an order that is below the minimum order quantity (MOQ) or find out that the shipping fee is higher than the value of your goods. Most small quantity buyers source Chinese suppliers on the Internet.

Here’s the list of the top B2B platform for sourcing products and suppliers:

  • Aliexpress
  • Globalsources
  • Made-in-China
  • com

Items such as cosmetics, toys, chemical products and electronic items are not the best of choices for the small quantity sourcing. For limited importers, sourcing high-value, small-sized products are fantastic option. Shipping cost won’t be high, sometimes only 10% of product’s value. Such as fashion accessories, small electronic products, watches, etc. Most sourcers of these products don’t select sea shipping because of the timeliness, so no need to worry about your shipping cost is higher than competitors.

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