Top 3 Chinese TV Brands for Sourcing

Even a few years ago, Chinese products are considered sub-standard and low-quality. With the time, Chinse companies especially consumer electronic brands have redefined their image and caught up with their foreign rivals and even begin to surpass them all over the world. Chinese Television manufacturing sector has maintained solid overall growth despite the government’s war on industrial pollution, a slowing housing market and trade tensions with the United States. Chinese LED TV brands are now enjoying worldwide popularity.

Chinese wholesale suppliers receive a huge amount of request from the foreign companies for the China made television sets. Earlier it was the South Korean and Japanese brands that have a complete dominance in the TV industry. But now the table has turned in favor of the Chinese television brands. According to the market experts and researchers, the affordability blended with quality is the primary feature of the Chinese TV brands. The price of a Chinese smart TV is almost half from any other Korean, Japanese or US brands. China exported 23m TV sets to the US last year, accounting for about a third of its total TV exports, according to consultancy Sigmaintell.


Here is our pick of top 3 Chinese TV brands:

  • Hisense-

Hisense is a famous Chinese TV brands based in Qingdao, Shandong province. It is a state-owned company founded in 1969 and now a multinational electronics manufacturer. Hisense TV is the best-selling TV brands in China now. According to data from China Market Monitor Co., Ltd., the sales volume and market share of Hisense flat-panel televisions have ranked first in China for the past eight continuous years. The brand is witnessing steady acceptance in the US and European market. Sourcing Hisense TV sets from Chinese wholesale suppliers could prove to be a lucrative business for the US business owners.

  • TCL-

TCL TV sets consistently sit at or near the very top of Amazon’s best-selling charts; regularly beating big-name brands such as Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic. As of this story’s publication, the company’s 32-inch model was the best-selling TV on Amazon, with other models sitting at numbers four and six. TCL believes in providing best to its consumers and spends more on using best in class assembling for LED TV and less on Advertisements and marketing costs. TCL is the 3rd biggest Television producer in the world.

  • Skyworth

Skyworth is a Chinese consumer electronics company. Its full name is Hong Kong Skyworth Digital Holdings Co., Ltd. Its subsidiaries design, manufacture and sell televisions and audio-visual products.the company is said to be valued at $8.9 Billion. They have been into various other businesses and have focused majorly on retail business of TV sets. It is one of the world’s top six color TV brands.

In the opinion of the China items wholesaler, while the global TV brands are consistently priced at a premium, and regional brands are usually close to the industry average, the China brands are usually selling at a discount compared to the industry average. Japanese brands on the whole are gradually losing market shares to the rapidly growing Chinese brands.

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