Know the Reasons Why China Suppliers Refuse to Give Samples

You have found the product you want to sell after completing your Amazon product research. Now you are ready to contact the China suppliers online to manufacture the product, and the real challenge begins. For the US business owners, it is like dealing with the bunch of people who live on the different corner of the world with their own way of doing business, maintain a different culture and speak the language that you simply can’t learn at your age.

It is a tough task negotiating a deal over your investment of potentially thousands of dollars in inventory with people you likely just met on the internet. Most of the people look for the manufacturing efficiency, capability and the quotations from a potential China supplier. But according to the market experts, along with these attributes, foreign companies should also give top priority to sample of the products. Samples give you the idea about the possible end-product you are going to receive from the China supplier.

But if you think, your supplier will give the sample of the product the moment you ask, then you are wrong. There are so many ifs and buts out there. It is going to be an interesting reading to know about the product sample issue of China. In this article, we have categorized every possible scenario with the probable causes.

On your demand for asking samples of products, your online China supplier may give you the following answer-

We will make the sample not using the exact material and the sample will be without the actual logo and custom color. Take a look at the scenarios.

Scenario 1 – You are a new buyer and the China supplier is not convinced whether you are genuinely interested or not. Why would they waste time, money and resource on a deal that appears unrealistic. It is not that the supplier is incapable, but it is the lack of trust that made them act like this. It is your responsibility to project yourself as a willing and interested buyer, otherwise, you will never be able to get a sample of your product and may end up receiving faulty products that you have never desired.

Scenario 2 – Quite often suppliers failed to understand what you are exactly looking for and they’re not clear on what you are asking. Whether it is for language difference or due to some other reasons, suppliers feel reluctant to proceed with your request. So it is highly important to send necessary specs of your product in some sort of thorough manner to get your sample.

Scenario 3 – In case you are demanding alterations and changes with the sample product for multiple time, online China suppliers may lose interest in dealing with you. They may get the impression that you are too picky and doing a long-term business with you will only give them headaches. They switch to the clients who are not that critical. The advice is, either give complete details at the very beginning or do not request for multiple alterations and changes.

Be a smart sourcer of the Chinese goods and take decisions that are valuable to your business. Do keep in mind that while doing business with the online Chinese sourcing agents it is important to take cautious steps. Always look for the sample before placing your final order.

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