Why Canadian Companies are Engaging in China Sourcing

China’s economic growth and its geopolitical influence are in the ascendency and cannot be ignored. Canada’s long-standing and comprehensive relationship with the People’s Republic of China operates at many levels and in many areas, including in trade, governance and values, health, education and China sourcing.

Canada’s second-largest overseas market is China, and its 2018 budget has noted that a doubling of trade between Canada and China by 2025 remains a mutual goal. China is the ideal place for sourcing hot-selling consumer items. Michael Chan, Ontario minister of international trade, also said that trading with China is a great opportunity and can increase the bargaining power of Canada when dealing with the US on bilateral trade issues.


Canada’s Merchandise Trade with China


Here we are furnishing the reasons why Canadians are extensively engaging in China sourcing


Low Risk

The biggest factor why a greater number of people are taking interest in setting up business relationship with suppliers from China is the low level of risk attached. As China is the manufacturing hub of the world, sourcing any sort of products is absolutely hassle-free from this Asian country. Whether you want to source textile products or frozen food, you can find every desirable item for sourcing.


Best Place For Electronics Goods

China is a powerhouse when it comes to electronics manufacturing service and original equipment manufacturer service(OEM service). Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the biggest electronic industrial regions of China. The most famous one must be Huaqiang Bei (North Huaqiang, which is the largest market for electronic products. You can find a variety of electronic products from the suppliers of Chinese electronic goods. As an importer of the Chinese goods, having the knowledge of the top 3 cities for sourcing Chinese wholesale items could give you an upper hand in the business.


Presence of Reliable Sourcing Houses

China’s rise as a global economic superpower in recent years has opened up immense opportunities for Canadian companies to purchase goods from this Asian economic powerhouse. There are millions of China sourcing agent in the market. Many Chinese suppliers understand they are one of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of suppliers competing for your business so they always try to offer the best service to their foreign clients. But as China’s manufacturing market is so big and diverse there is a great chance you may come across many fake sourcing agents. You can read out this fantastic article as a guideline How You Can Spot Fake Chinese Sourcing Agents.



When a mainland Chinese factory makes products under a foreign brand’s name, the quality is better, as brand owners specify the standards that they want to be met. The cost associated with importing items in bulk is far less than the cost of purchasing the same items individually. You need to figure of that which product will generate more profit for you.

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