3 Ideal Places in China for Sourcing Textile Products

China is the world’s largest clothing exporter with enormous production capacity. The textile and clothing industry is the largest manufacturing industry in China with about 24,000 enterprises. According to the website of china.lbl.gov website “China is the largest clothing producer in the world and has the largest production capacity for textile products consisting of cotton, man-made fibers and silk.”

Every year, billions of dollar textile products overseas companies import through sourcing agents in China. Here is a list of popular textile products you can think of sourcing from China-

  • Garment
  • Cotton Fabrics
  • Chemical Fabrics
  • Wool Fabrics
  • Silk Fabrics
  • Knitted Fabrics
  • Bast Fiber
  • Denim Fabric
  • Velvet Fabric
  • Georgette Fabric and more

The textile industry is planning to increase textile and clothing exports by an annual rate of about 7 percent and boost the export value of fiber products to $400 billion by 2020, according to China National Textile and Apparel Council. Exporters from all over the world are buying textile products from the professional Chinese wholesale suppliers.

Here’s a list of hand-picked fabric markets in China that can prove helpful for your textile product sourcing from China.

  • Guangzhou International Textile Town

Located in the Zhongda Fabric Market Area in Haizhu District of Guangzhou, this building separates six parts: Area A, B, C, D, E, F. Different Area specialize in different fabric / accessories. More than 4,000 shops, millions of fabrics, accessories and fashion elements, 365 days of the Expo! It is Asia’s largest single building a modern textile wholesale market in China.

  • China Textile City Shaoxing

Founded in the 1980s, China Textile City (CTC), the largest textile market in Asia, is located in Shaoxing County in Zhejiang province. More than 19,000 shop owners are selling more than 40,000 different kinds of fabrics to 100,000 buyers every day and around half of all the textile producers in the country are conducting transactions in the market, along with the 800 foreign business offices that have opened offices in the city. You can easily find sourcing agents in China to coordinate business with the textile wholesalers of China Textile City.

  • Muxiyuan Fabric Market Beijing

“Muxiyuan” refers collectively to all the fabric markets in the area south of Muxiyuan Bridge. Everything from silk to cashmere, from lace to cotton, as well as fake and real fur, zippers, brass buttons, and so much more are available in Muxiyuan Fabric Market Beijing.

Exports to Europe, the U.S. – China’s largest exports markets in that order have increased moderately. Chinese apparel enterprises are also relatively profitable, seeing a year-on-year profit growth of 17.06 percent both as a producer and a consumer. Along with global demand of the China made fabric, the rise in the domestic consumption is the biggest reason Chinese textile companies are becoming a global giant.

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