The Valuable Aspects of Appointing Single Chinese Sourcing Agent

In our previous post, we have given a detailed explanation about the growing international influence of the Chinese sourcing agents. As China has firmly established its status as the world’s manufacturing superpower, it is quite expected that greater number of businesses will turn to this country for sourcing products.

But navigating Chinese manufacturing market can be overwhelming if you try it on your own. Having a sourcing agent with you could make your job far more simpler. Sourcing agents have a wide range of experience and local knowledge. From apparel to electronics, they can cover numerous industries.

Advantages of appointing individual sourcing agents than sourcing houses-

  • If you are new in sourcing products from China and have limited budget, it is quite possible you won’t be able to appoint big sourcing offices as their charges are quite high. There is a great chance of getting over-budget and rather than making any profit you will end up spending high. Individual sourcing agents charge quite low for their services. So small businesses can easily higher them without spending high.
  • Often sourcing houses deal with a large amount of clients. Quite naturally they couldn’t manage to give individual assistance. Though single sourcing agents have multiple clients but they are not pre-occupied with huge work-load. They are quite capable of giving enough time to your specific issues and can be available all the time.
  • Single Chinese sourcing agents are generally well-organized and highly active in finding potential suppliers, short-listing them, visited the manufacturing area in person and carefully check the quality of the end product.
  • There is a conception that there is an unholy nexus between sourcing agents and suppliers. To a some extent it is true that in many cases sourcing agents receive commission from suppliers. But if you think big buying houses don’t receive this type of commission, then you are wrong. There are many ways to find a faithful sourcing agent, you simply need to apply and follow them.
  • Individual sourcing agents are expert in performing various duties. There long experience in the sourcing arena could prove really vital for your business. Buying agents have the expertise in the following areas such as sourcing, verification, procurement, quality control, business risk control and more.

Final thoughts-

In your overall strategy of sourcing products from China, a good agent can be an extremely valuable asset. Do keep in mind that, an erroneous China procurement game-plan can only drain money out of your pocket without returning anything. Regardless of your products, from clothing to tools, it is imperative that you seek a sourcing agent with relevant industry experience.

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